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Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation reviewed by an installer

Reviewer/Poster: Jayesh Kanbi (Smart Heating Specialist and Heating Engineer)

Nest in the box

Having lost track of the amount of Nest Installs carried out by us, we can provide a good review of the Nest Learning thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation has a few major changes compared to it’s predecessor the Gen 2, namely Hot Water Control, OpenTherm connection and visibly a larger screen.

Please note the Gen 3 Nest base plate has been redesigned too so not backwards compatible, hence a new more improved stand is now available.

There are also a host of smaller invisible changes such as a long range ( upto 6m) farview sensor. There is now a option to display a clock when someone activates the short and long range sensors by walking past. The power adaptor when plugged in has also been re-designed, it is now a smooth round plug with the USB outlet on the top.

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