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Vaillant P Test Program mode


Run a Test Program

By running a test program allows the sequential activation of special functions to test your boiler.
The test programs are activated by pressing the Power ‘ON’ switch and ‘+’ simultaneously for 5 seconds.
By default ‘P.0/P.1’ will display, where you can scroll by pressing the ‘+’ button.
Press the ‘i’ button to start the unit and test the selected program.
A test program can be aborted at any time by pressing the ‘i’ and ‘+’ buttons simultaneously.
For information on each Test Program refer to the table below:

P0 Purging mode

P1 Maximum fire Test Mode

P2 Minimum fire Test mode


Code Test Program Meaning

P.0 Test program used for purging air and placing divertor valve into middle position with pump cycling periodically.

P.1 Test Program used when the unit runs at full load after successful ignition
P.2 Test program used when the unit runs with minimum gas consumption after successful ignition
P.5 Program for STB (Safety Temperature Limiter) testing; the device heats up, bypassing the regular shutdown procedure, until it reaches the STB shutdown temperature of 97¡C

Following is from the Vaillant Ecotec Installation manual, for the newer Ecotec use the installation assistant.

Vaillant P Test Programs

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