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Intergas Fault Codes

Welcome to the fault-codes section of this site. The following table or page contains the information required to help repair and diagnose the fault codes being shown on the boiler display. You may be guided through the fault finding sequence or steps, for rectifying your boiler with this fault code. Suggested repair solutions may be provided by a link to a repair page. NB Some fault codes are only applicable to a specific range of boilers only.

Intergas Fault Codes

Fault Codes

If the fault LED is flashing, the boiler controller has detected a fault. A fault code will be indicated on the main display. Once the fault has been rectified the boiler controller can be restarted. Press the reset key Intergas Reset Keyon the operating panel.

Main Display CodeFaultPossible SolutionResources
10,11,12,13,14Sensor fault S1
Flow switch does not disconnect
• Check wiring for break
• Replace S1
• Check flow switch
20,21,22,23,24Sensor fault S2• Check wiring for break
• Replace S2
0Sensor fault after self check• Replace S1 and/or S2
1Temperature too high• Air in installation
• Pump not running
• Unsufficient flow in installation, radiators closed, pump setting too low
• Flow switch sticking
2S1 and S2 interchanged• Check cable loom
• Replace S1 or S2
4No flame signal• Gas tap closed
• No or incorrect ignition gap
• Gas supply pressure too low of failling
• Gas valve or ignition unit not powered
5Poor flame signal• Condensate drain blocked
• Check adjustment of gas valve
6Flame detection fault• Replace ignition cable + spark plug cap
• Replace ignition unit
• Replace boiler controller
8Incorrect fan speed• Fan catching on casing
• Wiring between fan and casing
• Check wiring for poor wire contact
• Replace fan*
29,30Gas valve relay faulty• Replace boiler controller

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