Most people’s heating systems are not running to their maximum ‘A Rated’ efficiency. They are costing them more than they need to in addition to rising energy costs. Our mission here at MyBoiler, is to help keep people warm selecting the most suitable and efficient ‘A Rated’ solutions available. As a team of heating engineers, renewable heating engineers and multitrade professional we are able to consult on the best solutions and advise clients.

Jayesh Kanbi
Managing Director
Jayesh is a gas and heating engineer by training and qualification. He manages the overall strategy and day to day operations of MyBoiler. Specialities include designing of Smart Heating Systems and Energy Saving Heating Systems. 10 Years overall experience in this industry.
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Giles Hanford
Solar Thermal Specialist
He is a Ground Water engineer by qualification and training. Now he is over seeing both domestic and commercial design, installation and repair of solar thermal systems. MCS certified and a Solar Association approved member.
Dr Bharat Vagadia
Dr Bharat Vagadia has a wealth of experience advising at both corporate and small business levels. His experience and advisory services span 20 countries in the EMEA region. He provides MyBoiler with strategic advice that shapes our current and future service offerings.
C Khatri
Technical Advisor
A Data Science Researcher & Developer. Efficient, Versatile and a quick learner with the new technologies. He loves to work with various Data Science tools and technologies,a Java Developer having 5 + Years of Experience in Software / Web Development with Spring, Hibernate, Play, Maven. He likes to code different platform technologies like MS.Net, Python, Java, Scala for Big Data and Software Development. Areas of Interests are Big Data, Data warehousing, Data Mining etc.
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