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Best Boilers 2017

Best Boilers 2017

The important thing to note when selecting a boiler, is that it’s not just about the product. It is about the the entire ecosystem ie the company that makes it, the availability of parts, the reliability, usability, customer service, installers , controls . What may be considered best by one engineer may not necessarily be true for another engineer. Unfortunately there will always be some form of bias in these types of articles so will do our best to justify and provide reasons why we consider a boiler a best boiler.Please also note we are not compensated by any of these manufacturers for writing this article. As installers we have preferences for certain brands, however for this article we will try to go on facts as well as what is best for the homeowner and that may not always be best for installers or manufacturers.

Combi Boilers

As a minimum standard to make it into our Best Boilers 2017 Combi Boiler section we assess using the following attributes . Using these attributes ensures the home owner achieves a very good and efficient boiler. The preference is for boilers that allow maximum flexibility for consumers in choosing the controls that best suit them. OpenTherm capable boilers have a higher ranking than non opentherm capable boilers. This is due to the fact that OpenTherm Capable boilers allow modulating controls from independent manufacturers such as Nest or Honeywell rather than proprietary controls from the manufacturers of the boilers. These proprietory controls do offer you a few more features, however these are at the expense of  locking the consumer into a particular brand. We do have some well known manufacturers that don’t support OpenTherm.

  1. Warranty minimum 5 years when installed by a Professional.
  2. OpenTherm Capability
  3. Good Customer support
  4. Modulating Controls
BrandModelFuelTypeMax Power KwStandard Warranty (Years)Pro Installed Warranty (Years)OpenTherm CapableRemote MonitoringAdditional
AtagiC24GasCombi Boiler241010YesYes
AtagiC28GasCombi Boiler281010YesYes
AtagiC36GasCombi Boiler361010YesYes
AtagiC40GasCombi Boiler401010YesYes
AtagiC Ecomiser 27GasCombi Boiler271010YesYes
AtagiC Ecomiser 35GasCombi Boiler351010YesYes
AtagiC Ecomiser 39GasCombi Boiler391010YesYes
Baxi424 CombiGasCombi Boiler2425YesNo
Baxi428 CombiGasCombi Boiler2825YesNo
Baxi624 CombiGasCombi Boiler2427YesNo
Baxi630 CombiGasCombi Boiler3027YesNo
IntergasCombi Compact Eco RF 24GasHybrid Combi Boiler24210YesYes[4]Solar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact Eco RF 30GasHybrid Combi Boiler30210YesYes[4]Solar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact Eco RF 36GasHybrid Combi Boiler36210YesYes[4]Solar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact HRE 24/18GasHybrid Combi Boiler2427YesNoSolar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact HRE 28/24GasHybrid Combi Boiler2827YesNoSolar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact HRE 36/30GasHybrid Combi Boiler3627YesNoSolar Compatible
IntergasCombi Compact HRE 36/40GasHybrid Combi Boiler4027YesNoSolar Compatible
Vaillantecofit Pure 825GasCombi Boiler2527Yes [3]No
Vaillantecofit Pure 830GasCombi Boiler4327Yes [3]No
Vaillantecofit Pure 835GasCombi Boiler352
Vaillantecotec exclusive Green iQ 835GasCombi Boiler3527Yes [3]No
Vaillantecotec exclusive Green iQ 843GasCombi Boiler4327Yes [3]No
ViessmannVitodens 100-W Combi 26kWGasCombi Boiler26510Yes [3]No
ViessmannVitodens 100-W Combi 30kWGasCombi Boiler30510Yes [3]No
ViessmannVitodens 100-W Combi 35kWGasCombi Boiler35510Yes [3]No
ViessmannVitodens 200-W Combi 26kWGasCombi Boiler26510Yes [3]Yes
ViessmannVitodens 200-W Combi 30kWGasCombi Boiler30510Yes [3]Yes
ViessmannVitodens 200-W Combi 35kWGasCombi Boiler35510Yes [3]Yes
WorcesterGreenstar 25iGasCombi Boiler255NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 30iGasCombi Boiler305NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 25SiGasCombi Boiler255NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 30SiGasCombi Boiler305NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 28CDi CompactGasCombi Boiler285NoNoSolar Compatible
WorcesterGreenstar 32CDi CompactGasCombi Boiler325NoNoSolar Compatible
WorcesterGreenstar 36CDi CompactGasCombi Boiler365NoNoSolar Compatible
WorcesterGreenstar 29CDi ClassicGasCombi Boiler295NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 34CDi ClassicGasCombi Boiler345NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 38CDi ClassicGasCombi Boiler385NoNo
WorcesterGreenstar 42CDi ClassicGasCombi Boiler425NoNo



All boilers sold in the European union require an energy label. All boilers now sold in the UK are minimum ‘A’ Rated. Some boilers are however more efficient in there long term running even in this category. Important to note is the overal system efficiency of the heating system. Please read the article ‘Heating System Efficiency’ to gain insight into what makes a heating system highly efficient.

Limitations of this article:

We would like to bring to your attention that also we have chosen these boilers on good standards, sometimes the boilers that need to be chosen may be more specialised than any boiler in this list. Therefore in these situations only an experienced heating professional can specify specialist systems. This article is however applicable to the majority of the population even though some home owners/landlords may decide to choose lower quality boilers due to their budgets.

Disclaimer: Information on this website is provided for informational purpose therefore we cannot accept liability for subsequent problems. All repair tasks should be carried out by qualified trades people. We may also receive commission payments when you are taken to external websites and complete purchases from third party sellers, once you leave our site, we cannot be held liable for your purchases.