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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Fixed price repairs

The boiler is usually at the back of most people’s mind until they break down that is. Usually most home owners or landlords have a regular engineer that they use or the contact of a company. Depending on the size of the company or if they have a care/service plan, fixed price boiler repair may be available.

If you don’t have a care plan, and your install is a small or independent one, you may at some point encounter that the repairs of the boiler exceed what some may class as beyond the average expected repair cost. For example a simple repair may cost no more than £100, no part required. If however your in need of a major part, say a new PCB which could cost upwards of £150, and labour at £80. You have a repair cost of £230. That’s quite reasonable.

Now if you need another major part ie boiler fan, which may cost £150. Your repair cost would now be £380. Most people aren’t aware that a fixed price repair option is available. A fixed price repair from many providers is usually £300. This include all part excluding heat exchangers and expansion vessels.

So if your cost is above the £300 price point or close to it, we would recommend using fixed price repair from the manufacturer, as they know their own boilers best and are to provide guarantees. Below is a table showing common repair costs including parts and labour. Prices exclusive of VAT if applicable

ItemParts (Approx Cost)Labour (UK Average)Total
Pressure Sensor£20£80£100
Pressure Relief Valve£20£80-£160£100-£180

Manufacturer’s Fixed price repair and services

Shown in the table below is the fixed price repair page for manufacturers.

Brand / ManufacturerFixed Price CostWebpageContact NumberNotes / Exclusions
Vaillant£299 inc VATFixed Price RepairHeat Exchanger and Expansion Vessel
Worcester Bosch£298 inc VATFixed Price Repairsignificant/structural part excluded
Main / Baxi / PottertonVariable 0344 871 1570 Check with customer services
Intergas VariableRepair Options01527 888000Check with customer services
ViessmannVariableRepair OptionsCheck with customer services

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