Worcester Bosch 2000 25kW 30kW installation servicing instructions manual


Worcester Bosch 2000 25kW 30kW installation servicing instructions manual



Worcester 2000 overview

(Source: Worcester Bosch Website)

The Worcester 2000 is a price competitive combi boiler, suitable for apartments, small and medium sized homes with one bathroom.

Designed to be accessible for all, the Worcester 2000 offers every home greater choice and the opportunity to have a market leading, reliable Worcester Bosch boiler.

With hot water flow rates up to 12 l/min, the range also comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard, and a 6 year guarantee when installed with our Greenstar System Filter. Peace of mind also comes with a 10 year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger.

The Worcester 2000 is only compatible with a selection of controls.


Features & Benefits

  • Natural Gas only
  • Our quietest combi boiler
  • Condenses in hot water mode
  • Quick to install with the option to pipe vertically to the boiler
  • Easy access with removable side panels
  • Simple to specify with maximum flue lengths of 9m horizontally and 12m vertically (60/100)
  • C6 heat exchanger is an evolution of our WB3 heat exchanger which features in the Greenstar i
  • Ability to modulate down to as little as 4.8kW
  • 35 degree hot water temperature rise
  • Boiler Plus ready - comes with a Greenstar Comfort+ II

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