Ideal Response SE Installation Servicing Instructions Manual


Ideal Response SE Installation Servicing Instructions Manual

RESPONSE SE (Natural gas only)
G.C. Appliance No. 47 348 03
Gastec Certification.......P.I. No. 0063 AS 3355Destination Countries: GB and IE
Data Badge location: Bottom of sealing panel

The Response SE is a wall mounted, low water content,

balanced flue, combination condensing gas boiler.

Note. Due to the high efficiency of the boiler a plume of water vapour will form at the terminal during operation.

Central Heating (CH) output is fully modulating between 9.6kW (32 800 Btu/h) minimum and 24 kW (81 900 Btu/h) maximum.

Instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) output is also fully modulating, with a maximum of 24 kW (81900 Btu/h).

The boiler is supplied fully assembled with domestic hot water calorifier, diverter valve, circulating pump, pressure gauge, safety valve and central heating (CH) expansion vessel.

A variable CH temperature control is fitted and the boiler also features a DHW preheat facility.

The boiler casing is of white painted mild steel with a dropdown controls door.

The boiler controls are located behind the controls door. The heat exchanger is of aluminium.

The boiler is suitable for connection to fully pumped, sealed water systems ONLY. Adequate arrangements for completely draining the system, by provision of drain cocks, MUST be provided in the installation pipework.

OPTIONAL EXTRA KITSPack D - Extension Flue Kit

Roof Flue Kit - Vertical flue connection (not available for HEES)Powered Vertical Flue - Extended vertical flue connection

(not available for HEES)Flue Elbow Kits - 90o and 45o (2 per pack)

Pack S - Siphon Kit

Refer to the separate fitting instructions supplied with each kit.

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