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Case Study – Vaillant ecotec exclusive 835 Green IQ combi boiler installation

Case Study – Vaillant ecotec exclusive 835 Green IQ installation

Following is an installation carried out at a Harrow property for a young professional couple that is energy conscious.Previously they had a Glowworm 24cxi combi boiler. Then we were called out to install a Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation. Shortly a few months afterwards it was decided that it was time for the boiler to be replaced as it was not giving out sufficient hot water and looked like it was going to break down. A few quotes later involving 3 boilers of which 2 were from Vaillant and 1 was from Intergas Heating, it was decided to install a Vaillant Ecotec exclusive 835 Green IQ.

Reason for choosing the Vaillant Green IQ:

The main reason for choosing Vaillant and specifically Green IQ was that the client’s father has a Vaillant Ecotec boiler, and they were satisfied with it’s performance. The reason for choosing the Green IQ was that we had explained the extra efficiency benefits of the Green IQ’s passive heat recovery unit, it’s low modulation ratio, it’s “A+ Rated” ability, and it’s design for the internet connectivity and smart controls functions.

Components Installed:

In addition to the Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive 835 Green IQ combination boiler the following items were also installed to promote long term reliability

1. Spirotech RV2 Micro-bubble deaerator – This removes air from the central heating water down to microscopic bubbles, thereby reducing and eliminating a key component of corrosion that is oxygen and air.

2. Spirotech MB3 Dirt filter (Magnetic) – This removes dirt and magnetite from the central heating system. It comes with an Industry leading 20 year guarantee.

3. Calmag 15mm Magnetic inline scale inhibitor – This device is supposed to charge the particles magnetically in order to prevent limescale sticking to internal pipework of hot supply to the taps.

See on Amazon:

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4. Altecnic Remote Filling Loop with Pressure Guage – Although the boiler comes with a built in filling loop, we have found this filling loop to allow injection of chemicals as well as to form a backup should the built in filling loop fail for any reason.

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5. Caleffi 1/2″ Mechanical Shock Arrestor



Additional Services

In addition to quality components being installed to this system. We also carried out a powerflush, system cleanse and insertion of Inhibitor to prevent future corrosion. Please note whilst the Spirotech RV2 is able to practically minimise corrosion, we wanted to double up the protection.

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