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How to adjust the flow temperature on Vaillant Ecotec – Post 2012 Models

How to calculate and adjust the flow temperature

– Post 2012 Models
In order to calculate the maximum flow temperature, you would have to work out the heat losses for each room, and make sure the lowest flow temperature you can run all the radiators and still achieve the required heat output.

However if you don’t have calculations we suggest to adjust from the default of 75 degrees downwards a degree or two until your system continues to work properly and heat your house up. If you have gone too low and your house is not warming up increase the flow temp until your system works properly. We recommend giving it a little time between each adjustment, just to give enough time to know if it is working.

To adjust the flow temp

Newer Ecotecs with 4 rectangle buttons and no dials


  1. Press the top right button shown under the radiator symbol.
  2. Adjust the temperature using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘
  3. Press button under ‘OK’ ie top right
  4. Press ‘back’ once to get to home screen.

Proceed to Advanced Power Level Adjustment

End here.

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