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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Vaillant vSmart Thermostat

The Vaillant vSmart thermostat is a thermostat made specifically for the Vaillant Ecotec series of boilers. Unlike traditional “on/off” thermostats, the vSmart is a modulating thermostat. See our article on ‘A’ Rated modulating controls for more info. Below is shown a video that illustrates the differences

You may be wondering at this stage why doesn’t all the boilers have these type of room sensing. Well majority of europe already uses this type of room thermostats / controls, just here in the UK our engineers have not all been trained to understand why they should be fitting these thermostats as standard. Well recent changes in April 2018 called the boiler plus regulations, now requires 1 of 4 energy saving solutions when combi boilers are fitted. Of these 4 solutions, 1 is modulating controls or otherwise known as load compensation. The vSmart is not only load compensating but also classified as a smart thermostat. So it also meets another of the 4 solutions being Smart Controls. The load compensation feature as shown in the video above gives more energy savings, comfort than just any smart thermostat, as the load compensation thermostat vSmart speaks to the boiler directly to achieve great comfort.

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