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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.


CoP – Coefficient of Performance
This is the heat pump energy efficiency ratio of heating delivered divided by the effecting input power. This is a steady state test ie the heat delired at say 45 degress celcius at 7 degrees outside temperature divided by the electricity consumption.

SPF – Seasonal Performance Factor
This is the measure of actual performance of a heat pump over the season of use. Heat delivered by the heat pump divided by the electricity consumed including it’s controller (not including external circuit pumps / controls outside of the heat pump)

ScoP – Seasonal Coefficient of performance
This is the ratio of heating delivered to the electrical energy input on an annual basis. Similar to SPF, however includes the electrical consumption of external circuit pumps / controls

System Efficiency
This is the efficiency of the complete system inlucing the heat pump, collector systems if gshp, fans, emitters, controls et.

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