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kW = (Flow Rate x Delta T) / 0.86


Volumetric Water Flow Rate in SI-Units

Volumetric water flow in a heating system can be expressed with SI-units as

q = h / ((4.2 kJ/kgoC) (1000 kg/m3) dt)

    = h / (4200 dt)                                     (4)


q = water flow rate (m3/s)

h = heat flow rate (kW or kJ/s)

dt = temperature difference (oC)

h (kW) = Water flow rate (M3/s) X SHC (4200) X dt (flow – return)


How to convert Litres per minute to Cubic meters per second

1 Litres per minute (l/min) is equal to 0.000016666666666666667 Cubic meters per second (m3/s).

1 l/min = 0.000016666666666666667 m3/s 
1 m3/s = 60000 l/min


Water flow rate LPM to M3/s =



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