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Boiler Repair


Boiler Repair


A boiler like any mechanical device can at some point in time break down. There are varying levels of problems with a boiler that require different levels of repair. Some repairs can potentially be done by the home owner or occupier. These are usually the low level repairs. For example it could be something as simple as a removable knob that is broken and can be sourced online or at a merchants and be replaced by the home owner by themselves.

Then there are intermediate problems classed as mid level repairs that may require a skilled tradesman, but not necessarily a heating engineer. Examples of these are such as a electrical cable that has come lose from within a boiler. In intermediate problems it may require looking at videos online to show the steps.

Finally there are high level repairs that require a skilled technician to be called out as it may involve gas or knowledge outside of the scope of intermediate knowledge. In these cases usually a general skilled technician may be called that works on boilers in general, or a specialist that only works on specific brands or even specific models.

We have worked on many models in the past, and have learned that usually a specialist is much faster at diagnosing and repairing problems than a general heating technician. Additionally a specialist may carry the required parts on his van. A specialist may also work out more cost effective and efficient in terms of time and money for the home owner or occupier.

Low level and Mid level repairs

Following are some articles on our site that may help you address some of these more basic repair problems by yourself or with the aide of a more skilled person.

Boiler Fault codes

If you are looking for boiler faults codes then we have extensive fault code articles such as that for Vaillant (Vaillant Fault Codes, Worcester Bosch (Worcester Bosch Fault Codes), Potterton (Potterton Fault Codes) and many more. Please see our main menu for other brand fault codes.


High Level – Fixed Price repairs

When a boiler goes faulty, just as there are varying levels of problems as described as above, there are varying levels of costs. For example a boiler pump may cost £150, or a fan may cost £150. Add to that the cost of labour which also varies from business to business. If a business charges £180 labour including diagnosis and replacement, you are looking at a cost of £330. If more parts are faulty, you can easily see this cost escalating higher.

There are many fixed price offers available from big companies to smaller companies. Some companies may charge you £250 for a fixed price repair, saving you £80 or more from the above example. If you are looking for recommended fixed price repair companies, contact us and we will be happy to share with you some reputable companies that are certified and insurance backed.

Replacement Boiler consideration

If your boiler is consistently giving you problems, you may want to consider replacing it entirely. Whilst a fixed price repair can save you money, the cost of your time of being at home may exceed the cost of simply replacing the boiler with a new one that has a long manufacturers backed guarantee in which repairs are included as long as your boiler is serviced annually. If you are considering to replace a boiler, please feel free to contact us, as we may be able to assist or advise you.

Disclaimer: Information on this website is provided for informational purpose therefore we cannot accept liability for subsequent problems. All repair tasks should be carried out by qualified trades people. We may also receive commission payments when you are taken to external websites and complete purchases from third party sellers, once you leave our site, we cannot be held liable for your purchases.