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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Boiler cover is usually taken out for peace of mind and prevention of large costly outlays when things go wrong. However many homeowners make mistakes in the level of protection required. New boilers usually have manufacturers warranties, so taking boiler cover out for these boilers, would be money down the drain, or going up in smoke.

Another mistake that is made is that some home insurances have boiler cover included within the policy, so check before taking out additional boiler cover.

Another common method for substituting boiler cover, is to set aside regular money that can be used to pay for these large costs. Sort of like self-insuring. Please note, discipline is required not to spend this money for other than maintenance purposes.

A well installed , optimised and maintained system is less likely to break down and incur large costs.

Will will in time add boiler cover options this site.

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