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Underfloor Heating vs Radiators


Underfloor Heating

For this artible Underfloor Heating (or UFH abreviated) / Underfloor Central Heating (UFCH) will refer to wet hydronic systems, ie those with water running through them and not the electric underfloor heating. Although the idea is the same, wet underfloor heating is current more cost effective than electric.

Underfloor heating vs Radiators is now more in focus than in the past due to modern design requirements for houses. Some people install underfloor heating on the ground floor only and have radiators on the floors above. This is due to perceived reliability of radiators. However a well designed underfloor heating in a well insulated house will perform more efficiently for all the floors including bedrooms.

Underfloor Heating

There are pros and cons of using underfloor heating in your home. Following are some of them.

  • Pros
  • More even and comfortable room temperatures.
  • Lower flow temperatures
  • Allows more flexible use of room space
  • less chance of sludge formation
  • Long pipe guarantees
  • Cons
  • Costs more to install in the case of solid floor UFH
  • Requires higher skilled engineers
  • May restrict types of floor you can install

Radiator based heating

Stelrad Compact Radiator

Radiators have been used for many years by many plumbers. They have improved in design and efficiency over the years, as well as being avaible in a multitude of finishes and styles.

The pros and cons of radiators are as follows

  • Pros
  • Widely available in many finishes and styles
  • Can be installed by most plumbers
  • Faster to heat up
  • Cons
  • Untreated systems will cause higher sludge formation
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • Less flexible use of room space
  • Can spoil the look of a home

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