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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

A well designed Underfloor heating system will give countless years of comfort and heating. However the exception to this is when a underfloor heating system has been neglected knowingly or unknowingly. For the purpose of this article we will focus on mostly wet underfloor heating systems, as electric underfloor heating systems are a lot simpler to fix due it being a case of the circuit being intact and the control gear working.

Wet underfloor heating on the other hand is subject to moving parts such as actuators, pumps and thermostatic mixing valves. Non moving parts ie control gear such as thermostats, junction boxes and wiring can also be at fault, however non moving parts have less variation in their ability to work. Add this to the fact that a wet underfloor heating system requires a boiler, you can see the complexity start to grow as well as the variations in problems you can have.

Over the years, we have found the number one cause of problems is usually a degradation in the quality of the water running through the system. This can cause premature breakdowns to mechanical devices such as the valves on the manifold as well as partial blockages through the pipes.

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