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Whatsapp for Invoice Delivery


At MyBoiler Ltd, in addition to email, Whatsapp is being utilised to deliver invoices and other documents as well as it’s primary purpose of general communications. The simplicity of using drag and and drop to deliver invoices and documents is nothing new. Receiving read receipts with communications is nothing new. Both of these features are available in email. However the main feature that whatsapp provides over email is much simpler read receipts. The double blue ticks confirm the message has been viewed. Most people have read receipts turned on by default, whereas in email you must enable read receipts and the other person must confirm the message has been read / viewed.

What are the benefits of whatsapp versus email?

The other benefit of Whatsapp is that unlike email systems that have to be logged into using passwords which people forget, whatsapp authentication is much simpler. Usually also most people don’t have many telephone numbers unlike email addresses. So you can be sure that your message or document has reached the right person and has been read. Whatsapp business is being introduced and this will bring more features that help businesses in these communications.


Will Email die and go the way of fax?

Email is integrated in many systems today so it may not go straight away. However ultimately the technology disappears once simpler technology takes it’s place. Whatsapp and similar realtime mobile first systems are growing faster than the older technologies such as email.

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