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What is a GC Number?

GC stands for gas council number. It’s a identfication system for gas appliances and some specific products. It’s a system that was created by British Gas in collaboration with boiler manufacturers and suppliers.

First two digits. 00-000-00

– First digit specifies the main type of appliances.
– Second digit specifies the type of appliance within the type

Next three digits. 00-000-00
– name of the manufacturer.

Last two digits 00-000-00
– model/sub range identifier

Below is a list of Appliance Types (as defined in the first 2 digits) – this list is not exhaustive
11    =    Cooker Grill
31    =    Gas Fire
35    =    Flued Convector Unit
37    =    Back Boiler Unit
41    =    Central heating Boiler
42    =    Warm Air Heater
44    =    Back Boiler Fire
47    =    Combination Boiler (Combi)
51    =    Instantaneous Water Heater
52    =    Multi-point Water Heater
53    =    Circulator

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