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Vaillant Ecotec Warm Start Mode Active

Hot water generation active On Ecotec boilers:

– Permanently on:time slot activated for hot water generation

– Flashing: Domestic hot water cylinder is being heated, burner on

Following is the explanation of Warm Start mode according to vaillant.

“ecoTEC combination boilers incorporate a warm start facility that keeps the domestic hot water heat exchanger hot, providing an instantaneous delivery of domestic hot water.”  It is simply a pre-heat facility.

What this means is essentially the boiler is fired for the hot water secondary circuit so that the hot water reaches the taps much sooner than if this function was not enabled. You may hear the boiler fire up regularly throughout the day or night. If your taps are all located close to the boiler then very likely this function would not be needed and should be disabled.

Using vaillant’s VRT controls warm start facility can be timed to come on at the times most required rather than be on throughout the day.

This function works out of the box for Combi boilers and Storage Combi boilers. For system and open vent boilers, this facility would not work unless the full vaillant controls are used including VR junction boxes and VR controls.

Vaillant Ecotec Pre 2012 Warmstart On/Off instruction

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