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Vaillant Ecotec Boiler Pressure (New Type)

Display of the current filling pressure of the heating system (bar graph display).
The filling pressure must be in the mid range between the two dotted lines.
– Permanently on: The filling pressure is within the permitted range.
– Flashing: The filling pressure is outside of the permitted range

Low or High boiler pressure – If the pressure symbol is flashing then either the pressure is too low or too high. Please see the following Boiler Pressure article  to understand about boiler pressure.

Otherwise proceed to either top up the pressure using the built-in valves under the boiler. If the pressure is too high, this may suggest there is a problem. You can try to decrease the pressure by bleeding a radiator and catching the water until the pressure has come down to a suitable level (see Boiler Pressure article) or you may use a dedicated boiler drain off point.

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