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Vaillant Ecotec Saver Tool – System or Regular Boilers

How to adjust the power level and flow temperature

If you have a system boiler or regular boiler, we suggest to set the boiler flow temp to 65 degrees (factory default is 75 degrees) and set hot water cylinder stat to no lower than 55 degrees ie 10 degrees difference. If you have a small to medium sized system ie 12 radiators or less set the power level to the lowest possible for the hot water cylinder such that it’s heat up time does not affect your household needs, but more closely matches heating system load. A lower power level for hot water will mean longer heat up times. However it may match better with the heating load if it is smaller of the two. It is also best to set non overlapped timings for heating and hot water.

If you have a mix of a hot water cylinder, radiators and underfloor heating then leave the load to ‘auto’. In some cases your system may not behave to your requirements, in these scenarious we suggest you revert back to your original settings and arrange for a specilist to carry out the optimisations.

Note: If your system contains specialised components such as thermal stores or high recovery cylinders, your system optimisation will be outside the scope of this tool. We suggest you contact us or arrange for a system specialist that works with all of your components.

Proceed below if your system is suitable and you wish to make adjustments.

In order to adjust your boiler, click the type below.

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