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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

How to reduce your gas bill, electric bill and future maintenance costs on Vaillant Ecotec boilers

Last update date: 25 Oct 2019

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Intro: A correctly set up boiler will save on energy bills and on repairs as the boiler be running well. Lower boiler flow temperatures and correctly set power level, boost energy saving and boiler reliability. This tool addresses both.

Lowering flow temperature is much is simpler to do.The setting of the power rating is more advanced. Power level setting makes use of our heating calculators to set your boiler to it’s optimal level. You will be guided through various steps until you reach the end of the tool.

Read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: These settings are not known to cause adverse any problems. Where possible they should be carried out by competent persons. We accept no liability for existing faults or faults that may appear to be caused by these adjustments. Flow temperature setting is easily set by you without entering installer level settings. Power level settings require entering installer menu using a pre-set code. Adjusting any other parameters may cause problems to your system.

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