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Annual Boiler Service from MyBoiler Ltd.

An annual boiler service is recommended and also required to validate your manufacturer’s guarantee. We carry out defined scope and full scope boiler service on your Vaillant boiler.

Annual services also help in spotting problems earlier before they escalate to bigger problems requiring major parts replacement which may not be covered by your guarantee.

  • Defined Scope – £80
  • Checks on Flue integrity
  • Removing dirt and debris from within boiler casing
  • Visual check of heat cell
  • Gas rate at max heat input
  • FGA (Flue Gas Analysis)
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check gas stop cock is working
  • Check condensate trap for dirt and cleaning it
  • check functions of boiler operation
  • Check ignition and burner behaviour if possible
  • Check for gas, flue gas and water leaks
  • Visual check externally to boiler
  • Fill in benchmark
  • Cost: £80
  • Full Scope – £140
  • Defined Scope boiler service plus the following:
  • Expansion Vessel check / repressurisation
  • Clean the heating exchanger including new seal
  • Check insulation mats for damage
  • Check ignition electrodes and clean
  • Check internal filters
  • Check for component damage
  • Cost: £140

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    Areas Covered: Ealing, Kingsbury, Wembley, Kensington, Chelsea, Northwood, Islington and many more

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