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Spirotech Spirotrap MB3 Review

Reviewer: Jayesh Kanbi, Date: 02/10/2018

Spirotrap MB3


The Spirotech Spirotrap MB3 is the 3rd version of this product. It is a central heating filter that can trap particles both magnetic and non-magnetic. Particles from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm) and up are separated and removed. It is a series of heating system filters that are inline and cleanable whilst the system is running. Although you can clean while it is running, we would recommend it be cleaned when the system is cold.

The filter itself is simple in design. It is constructed of brass and is very durable with very little known problems except when installed incorrectly or on systems that are too sludged up. It is one of few products that carry 20 year guarantees. Although legal law is limited at 6 years, we would consider a company offering this level of warranty demonstrating a solid product. It is available in 22mm, 28mm, 3/4″ int and 1″ int pipe connections. A Micro version is also available for smaller spaces and smaller systems.

The Spirotrap MB3 uses the principle creating a slow moving water vortex where particles simple drop down due to gravity. It uses a stainless steel mesh inside to do this. Combined with the outer magnet, ferrous materials are also kept within the filter for later flushing. The MB3 can also rotate 360 degree in terms of pipework. The filter itself should be no more than 45 degrees away from pointing straight down.

The SpiroTrap MB3’s only disadvantage is that it is not of a bottle design where you can remove the lid and pour chemical into it. You can however dose through the drain valve on this filter using an adaptor hose with aerosol based chemicals or using a purpose made dosing point. We don’t really consider it a disadvantage overall as having a filter without a bottle design means that it can be more compact and also reliable due to not having a lid in which the O ring seal can get worn out and start leaking.

This product is now also used as part of Vaillant’s Boiler Protection kit. The boiler protection kit is an MB3 with pH check strips and a serial number that is used to register the product.


Spirotrap MB3 Manual

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