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Intergas Xclusive 24 (035104)

£1,200.00 inc. VAT


Unique 2-in-1 heat exchanger
Innovative control system
Cutting-edge efficiency
10 year warranty on parts and labour
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Xclusive design, unrivalled performanceFor over 25 years Intergas has been leading the field with its range of reliable, high-efficiency Combi Compact boilers and its latest addition, the Xclusive, is not only even more energy-efficient, reducing both energy bills and CO2 emissions, it also has an exceptional flow rate and is packed with new user-friendly features.

Within its sleek casing is an illuminated touchscreen display panel with easy-to-read-and-use icons, an integral expansion vessel, a combined PRV and condensate connection, an integral filling loop and dual OpenTherm inputs, which make this boiler a dream to maintain and service. The
RF module comes fitted as standard, which means the installer can monitor all aspects of boiler performance remotely, and you can control your central heating on the go.

Key features

  • >  Integral expansion vessel
  • >  Central flue
  • >  Easy-to-use touchscreen panel
  • >  RF module for remote access and control
  • >  Boiler modulation range 1:9 in both heating and hot water modes (3.5-36.3 kW)
  • >  Combined PRV and condensate connection
  • >  Dual OpenTherm inputs
  • >  Exceptional flow rate of 11 -13.5 l/min > Ten-year parts and labour warranty


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