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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.


The intasol combi diverter valve enables solar heated unvented hot water cylinders to be linked with a combi boiler. In the event the hot water temperature in the cylinder dips below a usable temperature, the valve diverts this water to the combi boiler treating it as a pre-heat. The valve then blends hot water produced by the combi boiler or the cylinder with cold water from the mains to deliver water at a safe, usable temperature for the end user.


Links a solar heated unvented cylinder to a combi boiler
WRAS approved
Diverts to hot water from the combi boiler in the event of low cylinder temperatures
Maximises the use of solar heated water in the cylinder
Provides safe blended hot water to the end user
Maximum static pressure 10 bar
Maximum dynamic pressure 5 bar
Temperature adjustment range 35 – 55°C Temperature stability ±2°C
Maximum inlet temperature 110°C
Minimum flow rate for stable operation 6 l/min


This product sets you back approx £300, however it’s purpose is to optimise energy savings and increased reliability in a combi and unvented solar setup. It does this by making sure if the cylinder is hot enough, the water is sent straight to the taps at a settable temperature. The water in the cylinder needs to be at 48 degrees or higher.

If however the temperature is below 48 degrees then it will get sent to the combi boiler at approx 28 degrees to be brought upto the combi boiler desired hot water temperature, saving energy by not requiring to be heated from cold. Either way the output temperature goes through a TMV Temperature Mixing Valve before being sent to the taps.

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