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IMI Angle Eclipse 15mm TRV and Lockshield pack


IMI Heimeier Eclipse DX GB 15mm TRV Pack (TRV and Lockshield)

Thermostatic raditor valve with automatic flow control, head and lockshieldThe HEIMEIER radiator pack, consists of an automatic flow control TRV body, DX or Halo head and lockshield. Designed for application in a two-pipe pumped heating system. The required design flow for each radiator is set directly on the Eclipse valve. This automatic flow limitation is done with a twist and the adjusted flow will then not be exceeded. Even if there is an oversupply of pressure, due to load changes in the system, for example other valves closing or during morning start up, Eclipse will guarantee the desired flow. The thermostatic head with our incompressible liquid-filled sensor guarantees a reliable and precise room temperature control.


Integrated Flow Limiter- Eliminates over flows and self balances the system
Angle Or Axial Connection With One Kit And Straight Versions – for various installation options
Flow Range From 10 To 150 L/h -For high flexibility
Liquid-filled Thermostat – for powerful and precise control



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