Money Saving

A boiler or heating system is not something on the top of people’s minds except when it’s cold and the heating is not working or when you end up having cold shower’s.

Additionally heating and hot water accounts for upto 80 percent of you energy bill. upto 60 percent is for heating, upto 20 percent for hot water and the rest is for lighting, cooking, electronics etc.

In this page we help you save money by giving you some tips and adjustments that you can do to both reduce your energy costs and your long term maintenance costs.

Following are the 4 top things you can do with ease to start saving money on your energy bills very quickly.

1. Switch to the best tariff you possibly can.

3. Program your timings and temperatures in an efficient manner.

2. Adjust your boiler settings for improved efficiency. Changing the flow temperature can lead to a more stable room temperatures. Boiler Settings

4. Seal air gaps or holes where cold draughts are coming in.

There are more things that can be done, however these things tend to require much more steps and also additional purchases to achieve these further savings. We will add these to this page at a later date.

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