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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Intergas Intouch Kit


The Intergas Intouch kit Comprises the following items:
-LAN2RF gateway
-Ethernet Cable
-Installation Manual
-Mains Adaptor
-Honeywell Round room thermostat.

The Intouch kit is compatible with the ECO RF range of boilers. The Honeywell Round room thermostat does not have to be used. An alternative programmer can be used. The benefit of the Honeywell Round room thermostat is that the room temperature will be accessible in the Intouch App.
It is however most beneficial to use a modulating thermostat with the boiler, ie an OpenTherm capable one or one of the wireless ones that also provide modulation capabilities.


Engineer App

Above is a screenshot of the engineer application in action.

Also parameters of the boiler can be adjusted to optimise the system.

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