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Heatrae Sadia Megaflo HE

Upper Element (Superloy, Straight) – 9560 6964
Lower Element (Superloy, Bent) – 9560 6963
Immersion Thermostat (Upper and Lower) TSR Version (Updated, White with Blue dial) – 9561 2026

Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco

95606989 MEGAFLO ECO UPPER IMM.HEATER ( no thermostat ) 95606907
95606988 MEGAFLO ECO LOWER IMMERSION HEATER (no thermostat )

Megaflo SE Whitebox/ Lid
Megaflo HE Grey Box / Lid (Shield Badge)
Megaflo ECO Grey Box / Lid (Orange Badge)


Immersion Stat TSE (Turquoise with red dial) – 9561 2026

Heatrae Sadia Technical 0344 8711 535 Option 1

Sources: Craig (Heatrae Sadia)

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