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Grundfos UPM3 Settings

Grundfos UPM3 Settings

UPM3 Auto Settings


  • Proportional pressure:  Radiators with TRVs
  • Const pressure: Underfloor heating
  • Const curve( Fixed speed settings): Radiators with no TRVs and autobypass.


See Current mode

To see the current mode of the pump, a short single press of the pump button.


Change Modes

To change modes, hold down the button more than 2 seconds until it starts flashing. Then short presses to move through the different modes as shown in the above picture.


External Pumps or System Pumps

If there is an external pump being used set to proportional pressure maximum curve, then leave underfloor heating manifold pump on constant pressure curves, autoadapt ok. Otherwise speak to UFH manufacturer for recommending setting.

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