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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Gas Meter Top Up

2 Button Meter manual topup

Landys Gyr Digital Smart Meter


Manually add my gas top up using my meter
Here’s how to manually top up your gas using your meter:

  • Press button A to wake the screen,
  • then press it twice to get to Credit Entry
  • Press button B, then A to enter code and short press B to move forward to the next digit.
  • Finally Press and hold button B to submit.

If you make a mistake repeatedly short press B to get back to the correct digit.

Liberty Gas Meter Keypad style

  • Press the blue ‘A’ key to start. The screen will show ‘VEND MODE’.
  • Type your 20-digit code on the meter keypad.
  • Once started, blue ‘A’ key becomes a delete button, so you can use it to go back and delete one number at a time.
  • When you’ve entered all 20 digits, press ‘B’. Your meter will then either accept or reject the code.

If it accepts it, you’ll see ‘ACCEPTED’, then the amount of the top-up, and ‘ADDED’.

Type in the wrong code 5 times, the display screen will show ‘KEY LOCKED for 20 seconds blocking input for that duration.

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