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Energy bills have been increasing. There are still ways to reduce this.

Energy Saving Boiler Settings

There are 2 types of settings. The first is user settings and the second is engineer settings. The easiest to change is user settings.

User Settings

The user setting that will save you in energy costs is ‘Flow Temperature’. This is the temperature of the central heating water circulating through your radiators and if you have one, the hot water cylinder boiler coil.

If you have a hot water cylinder it will be recommended not to drop your flow temperature less than 65 degrees until you understand the system in detail.

If on the otherhand you have combi boiler then this is more straightforward. You basically want to make it go as low as possible that still heats your home up and keeps it warm. It may be the case winter needs a higher flow temperature, but towards summer you need a lower flow temperature. For simplicity it’s best to keep it at the lowest setting that will work all year round.

There are more advanced heating controls that do this automatically however require changes to your heating system.

Following are links to common boiler ranges with videos showing how to adjust the flow temperature.

Vaillant Ecotec range of boilers.

Adjust Flow temperature on pre-2012 vaillant ecotecs

Adjust Flow temperature on pre-2012 vaillant ecotecs

Vaillant Ecotec – Engineer settings

If you feel confident, you can use our own tool we have developed to change advanced settings too.

Boiler Vaillant Ecotec Saver Tool

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