Worcester 24CDi 28CDi 35CDi II RSF Installation and Servicing Instructions

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Worcester 24CDi 28CDi 35CDi II RSF Installation and Servicing Instructions

Worcester 24CDi 28CDi 35CDi II RSF Installation and Servicing Instructions


24CDi (NG)- GC 47 311 30
24Cdi Lpg - GC 47 311 31


28CDi(NG) - GC 47 311 34
28CDi Lpg - GC 47 311 35


35CDi II (NG) - GC 47 311 58
35CDi II Lpg  -GC 47 311 59

To ensure continued efficient operation of the appliance it must be checked and serviced as necessary at regular intervals. The frequency of servicing will depend upon the particular installation conditions and usage, but once per year should generally be adequate. The extent of the service required by the appliance is determined by the operating condition of the appliance when tested by fully qualified engineers.
Any service work must be carried out by competent engineers such as British Gas or Corgi registered personnel. 15. 2 PRE-SERVICE INSPECTION
Check that the flue terminal and the terminal guard, (if fitted), are clear. If the appliance is in a compartment, check that any ventilation openings in the compartment door or walls are clear. See Section 6 - Air Supply.
Check the system and remake any joints or fittings, if necessary, which show signs of leakage. Refill, vent and re-pressurise as described in Section 13.2.
Operate the appliance and the system taking note of any faults. Measurement of the Flue Gases
For consistency of results of the flue gas measurements it is necessary to have a constant output and stationary equilibrium.

Switch on the appliance.
Switch to DHW and CH mode.
Hinge down the facia.
Turn the Mode Switch to the “Max.” position.
Wait until the appliance reaches stationary equilibrium (approx. 10 minutes).
Remove the cap from the sensing point. See Fig. 18.
Insert the probe into the measurement gap up to a depth of 50mm.
Seal any gaps.

Expected measurements should be between: CO: 0.001 and 0.003%.
CO2: 6.7and7.0%.

After taking the measurement:
Replace the sealing cap.
Turn the Mode Switch back to the “normal” position. Put the facia back in to its normal position.

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