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Approved Smart Thermostats


Welcome to the new section of this website that lists approved products as selected by us after many years in this trade. All products listed here are chosen based on Value, After Support, Compatibility, Connectivity and Standards.

Criteria for approval.

  1. Must be user friendly.
  2. Must allow open connection to various other services either via an API or other service connectors
  3. Availability of item and it’s parts.
  4. Compatibility with a variety of systems.

Other Features all the following products have:

  1. Availability from Amazon Prime


ImageBrand/ModelHot Water ControlDeveloper APIWorks with AlexaTRVsApprox PriceWhere to buy:
thermostat_a2_en_cNest Thermostat 3rd Generation£199amazon-logo
thermostatNetatmo ThermostatLimited£149amazon-logo
imgresHoneywell Lyric T6 WiredLimited£138amazon-logo
imgresHoneywell Lyric T6 WirelessLimited£138amazon-logo
imgres-1Tado Smart ThermostatLimited£169amazon-logo
hive-thermostat-2dfc4b370abb8191094bf50c2713018682f217bf0a4c886fff4e91098f95ac66Hive 2 by British GasLimited£199amazon-logo









Disclaimer: Please note products are selected to provide the best value for the home owner/ customer, however we may receive commission payments when you click on the links for purchasing.


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